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Explains in detail rapid freezing technology and food freezing
Article Source:江苏万唐机械有限公司   Release date:2019-09-18   CTR:7979

Why frozen food

Does anyone think frozen food has no nutrition, or that frozen food is junk food?

Frozen food has many benefits.

1. The food with high health quality can be preserved for a long time after being processed by low temperature and quick freezing.

2. Food transportation becomes convenient.

3, for busy modern people, convenient frozen food is very suitable for the modern lifestyle.

4. The previously uneatable food is also realized by the appearance of frozen food.

For example, people in the inland areas could not eat the fresh Marine fish.

But with frozen food, fresh fish can be enjoyed even inland.

5. Lower cost. Compared with canned food, frozen food has the advantages of delicious taste and less packaging.

Explanation of quick-freezing technology

The development of quick-frozen food cannot be supported without the progress of quick-frozen technology.

There are three kinds of quick-freezing technology in modern times.

Mechanical food quick-freeze: this quick-freeze technology was first applied to the food industry and was adopted by most of the food quick-freeze processing lines.

Ammonia is usually used as a refrigerant to indirectly absorb food heat through a closed circulation system.

The refrigeration system works much like a home refrigerator, except it's bigger and faster.

Ultra-low temperature food quick-freezing: this quick-freezing technology is to use liquid nitrogen and other ultra-low temperature gas or liquid to freeze food.

Rapid freezing technology of ultra-low temperature food is the result of recent technological development.

Due to its small initial fixed investment, small equipment area, fast freezing speed and other advantages, it has been used by major food processors worldwide.

Impact frozen food: the food should be fixed on the conveyor belt, and the high pressure air produced by the equipment directly impacts the food to be frozen.

This method has a faster freezing rate than traditional mechanical freezing techniques.

Advantages and disadvantages of quick-freezing technology

Quick-freezing technology has many advantages, such as excellent control of the loss of nutrients in frozen food after thawing.

For example, quick-freezing technology is unique to food preservation for a long time.

The most important thing is that frozen food technology can bring high added value when applied in commercial manufacturing, so as to improve the benefits of the industry.

In contrast, the disadvantages of quick-freezing technology are obvious.

Quick-freezing technology is not suitable for ordinary families, because it requires large equipment investment and a certain operating cost.

So it's very difficult to generalize, or to bring it to the general public.

Future advances and changes in quick-freezing technology may solve this problem, but at least for now, quick-freezing technology is only suitable for commercial use.

Quick-frozen food and quick-freezing

The quality of quick-frozen food depends largely on the quality of quick-frozen equipment.

When food freezes, ice grains are produced at a certain temperature.

The size of these ice grains will directly affect the loss of nutrients during thawing and the taste of frozen food.

The advantage of a quick-freezing device is how quickly it can pass through the temperature zone that produces the ice grains.

The faster the passage, the smaller the grains of ice produced when natural foods are frozen.

In contrast, the slower the passage, the larger the grain size.

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