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  • Jiangsu  Wantang  Machinery Co., Ltd. is a specialized provider of tailor-made processing solutions for the snack products, candy and chocolate industry.
    Our main focus is in the field of candy (peanut, sesame, cereal, grain and buchwheat), chocolate based products (chocolate bar, chocolate chips, chocolate ball and chocolate wafer coin), fruit and vegetable drying oven. On top of this we provide puffing solutions for a wide range of snacks. We also supply key machines for food frying industry.

    Products and Solutions:
    a) Candy cereal bar based on peanut,sesame,cereal,grain and buchwheat
    b) Rice candy

    c) Peanut(sesame)
    d) Peanut frying
    e) Drying


    a) Puffing (cereal puffing machine)
    b) Sugar cooking machine (sugar cooking machine)
    c) Mixing (mixer)
    d) Cutting (candy cutting machine)
    e) Forming (candy bar forming machine)
    f) Cooling (cooling conveyor)
    g) Drying (multi-layer oven)
    h) Packaging(pillow packaging machine)

    Key machines:
    a) Puffing machine(air puffing machine & screw extruder
    b) Sugar cooking machine
    c) Mixer
    d) Candy cutting machine
    e) Candy forming machine
    f) Cooling conveyor
    g) Pillow packaging machine

    If any of our products interest you, please feel free to contact us for more information.

    Email address: zhangqingwtjt@gmail.com