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Domestic plastic film packaging machinery and equipment market prospects
Article Source:wanhe   Release date:2016-07-23   CTR:9532

Affected by the international trend of packaging, domestic beer, beverage manufacturers began to use plastic film packaging products in the process of product portfolio, and gradually replace the traditional carton packaging and plastic turnover box.
The advantages of plastic film packaging: the packaging cost; can effectively reduce the bottle explosion injury accident; can solve the plastic turnover box in the circulation and stacking process of memory at the surface of the bottle body pollution problems; applicable scope broad, such as glass bottles, metal cans and carton etc. products for packaging, and to give consumers a fresh new feeling.
Because there are many advantages, the market demand for plastic film packaging equipment greatly increased, so the prospect of plastic packaging is very optimistic. Through the introduction of foreign advanced technology, the domestic existing including Guangdong Light Industry Machinery Factory Co., Ltd., Guangdong Light Industrial Machinery Group Co., Ltd. and Nanjing Heng Hao Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd., more than a dozen enterprises developed the plastic packaging machinery and sales momentum strong.
Industry experts believe that the plastic film packaging machinery and equipment market prospects, the future will have more enterprises to join the field, the competition will become increasingly fierce. How to reflect the advantages and characteristics of self manufacturing enterprises should not only in the quality of products, but also should be from different industries and the size of the actual needs of enterprises, the development of different specifications and performance of the equipment.

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