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Huge business opportunities in the food packaging industry
Article Source:wanhe   Release date:2016-07-23   CTR:8906

With the rapid development of China's market economy and the improvement of the quality of people's life, microwave food, snack food and frozen food and other convenience foods will soon be a large number of families and enterprises to enter the. This directly led to the needs of the relevant food packaging, food and packaging machinery industry in China in the future for a period of time will maintain a positive growth trend. Machinery Industry Federation expects from 2011 to 2015, total output value is expected to exceed 60 billion yuan, an average annual growth rate of about maintaining at 16% level. Therefore, it is necessary to like attach importance to food processing and manufacturing industry as well as the importance of food packaging industry.
The rapid development of food industry has brought a broad market development space for the packaging and printing industry. By product category, the Chinese production of paper packaging products to 2015 up to 36 million tons, plastic packaging products 9.46 million tons, metal packaging products 491 million tons, glass packaging products 15.5 million tons, packaging machinery and 1.2 million sets. It is expected that the future of circular economy will become the main mode of the development of packaging industry, packaging waste recycling utilization will realize the industrialization, green packaging materials will be developed energetically and develop, package base industry will also accelerate the development of.
In fact from the mainstream, existing a lot of careful design of the popular bag and box occupies the advantage, because economic rationality to simplify the form of packaging structure and related technology and equipment, can greatly reduce the process of production and sales all kinds of consumption and waste, and eliminate in addition to the occurrence of many unstable factors, and then improve the whole benefit, ultimately reflected in the general direction of modern packaging.
In recent ten years, the international packaging industry attaches great importance to improve the general ability of packaging machinery and packaging system as a whole and multifunctional integrated ability, for the market to open up the rapid diversification of commodities to provide timely and flexible response of the means of production. At the same time, based on the reasonable simplified packaging and advantages of the actual needs of the packaging process, and constantly explore, significantly accelerate the pace of their own technological innovation.
In order to meet the market demand, China's food packaging industry is actively to get rid of the number of the image, low technical content, and more functional, modular, intelligent control and high precision, etc..
Food industrial products need packaging, packaging and printing directly affect the quality of food industry products, grades and market sales. Although food packaging can not determine the inherent quality of food, but good packaging can ensure and extend the quality of food and life, to extend the shelf life of food, easy to carry, transport. Excellent packaging for products to win the reputation of the brand, to establish a brand, to prevent counterfeiting, to provide convenience for consumers to choose goods. With the further adjustment of the structure of the food industry product and the upgrading of the product, the corresponding requirements of the packaging and decoration printing and packaging are higher.
However, in recent years, the packaging industry has also exposed the waste of resources, environmental pollution and the sustainable development of the "excessive packaging". Statistics from the State Environmental Protection Administration show that in China's annual large packaging waste, in addition to the cardboard boxes, cartons, beer bottles and plastic packaging recycling situation better, and other products recycling rate is quite low, and recovery of the entire packaging product rate is not up to 20% of the total output.
To packaging industry healthy and orderly development, the Chinese printing and equipment industry association senior advisor Tan Junqiao recommended efforts to promote reorganization of enterprise assets, accelerate the establishment of modern enterprise system; based on scientific and technological innovation, increase the intensity of independent innovation; gradually implement "Daqiang small specialized" production and business model, formed "differences" of market competition system; attaches importance to the green packaging to prevent pollution and attention to environmental protection.

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