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Analysis on the present situation of world candy packaging - Food Technology
Article Source:wanhe   Release date:2016-07-23   CTR:7833

Candy, chocolate packaging mainly has three functions, one is to protect the product should be shiny, flavor, shape and extend the shelf life; the second is to prevent micro-organisms and dust pollution, improve product safety and health; the third is exquisite product packaging can enhance the consumer desire to buy and the value of the goods.
At present, the domestic candy, chocolate packaging forms include packaging, kink type pillow type packaging, folding packaging. Kink type packaging is the oldest form of packaging. This form of packaging for candy can not only by high speed, automatic packaging machine to complete, can also through manual operation; pillow type packing in the popular in the seventies of the last century, the domestic from the 80's at the beginning of the epidemic. Because pillow type packaging machine is more popular, at present, most of the candy, chocolate manufacturers are using pillow type packaging. And folding packaging, more for chocolate products, candy is suitable for packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging, packaging equipment and packaging materials have higher requirements. There is a big gap between the level of the packaging of candy and chocolate in our country and the developed countries. The main problem is the low level of packaging equipment, the type of packaging materials and the quality of packaging is not high. To narrow the gap, only take the road of technological innovation, so domestic candy, chocolate packaging should be towards the high speed of the packaging machine automation, one machine can be more and packaging design characteristics of the direction of development.
In recent years, domestic candy technical experts in the introduction of cooperation, independent creative aspects has made gratifying achievements, in the candy equipment has launched inflatable toffee production line, colloidal jelly automatic line, super thin film vacuum flash boiling machine, cotton candy production line etc.; packaging machinery has a single kink packaging machine, folding packaging machine, high speed pillow charter. Chocolate equipment, there are multi-functional design and color of chocolate casting line, chocolate composite products automatic line, chocolate extrusion line, chocolate, such as rapid precision milling machine, etc..
Multi function is an important trend in the development of new equipment, because of the variety of candy varieties, update fast, manufacturers of equipment requirements are versatile, strong adaptability. Such as the new development of chocolate composite products automatic line with the production of candy, chocolate and coated composite products. The whole production line, production with core of sugar and different stack layers of high-quality compound chocolate, such as forming part of the front end only, can produces nougat, toffee, Swiss candy, candy and other rectangular varieties, such as the use of back-end part of the coating, and to meet the requirements of the various products of the surface coating.
In addition, the new devices are now mostly used servo motor, photoelectric tracking and other new technologies, so that the ability to automatically control the. Such as chocolate composite product automatic line, across the board consists of nearly 20 units, due to differences in the requirements of different varieties of process, not only the unit itself, more running in between the various units of speed coordination problems, the unit using a general inverter to control the various units of the inverter.
Candy, chocolate manufacturers in the standardization of product packaging, the general need for high-speed, automated packaging machines, in order to pursue the scale of the economy, the packaging cost optimization. Therefore, in recent years the packaging machine manufacturer developed for different types of products of high-speed, automated candy, chocolate packaging machine, for example for the traditional pillow type packing and some for double kink type products with snarling packaging machine. In this kind of packing machine, manufacturers have adopted the latest technology, such as servo motor, photoelectric tracking, high-speed camera, in order to achieve the efficiency of packing machine, existing per minute to pack 1500 ~ 2000 grain of high speed pillow hard candy packing machine. High speed chocolate pillow type packaging machine should be more from the equipment and cold air packaging film to match the development, in order to achieve high speed and does not affect the quality of inner chocolate products. In addition, the automatic steering, finishing, emergency stop and acceleration of the conveyor belt which is connected with the chocolate packaging machine is widely used. Secondly, for non standardized or seasonal products, packaging machine should be designed to be flexible, lightweight and compact. This type of device is not the pursuit of speed, but to seek personalized packaging and flexibility. Also distinctive packaging design can also cater to the commodity competition, continuous innovation, to the effect of visual impact, such as market bottled xylitol chewing gum, due to the improved packing is more suitable for young people's consumption psychology, the product is very popular.
In short, candy, chocolate packaging form should be with the market, packaging technology should be set with the characteristics of the product. If the product positioning for high-end gifts, then forms of packaging to attract people, high-end design, such as paper, wood or metal packing box is selected. For the mass consumer products, packaging forms should be relatively simple, such as pillow bag packaging is quite popular with businesses, its form is simple, mature technology, high packaging efficiency, and the price is cheap. In addition, some products used in packaging technology should also depend on the characteristics of the product itself. Such as chocolate products at a higher temperature will produce fat precipitation, affect the quality and appearance, so the pillow bag of chocolate is generally used cold sealing technology.
And the candy packaging forms are mainly pillow type bag and vertical bag (more chocolate). Among them, vertical bag in addition to Cadbury Spain Bosa automated packaging equipment, other candy companies, such as Nestle, good, etc. Jindi are prefabricated bag for manual packaging.
Design and anti fake of candy packaging box
Exquisite packaging can not only enhance the taste of products, but also to promote the important function of commodity promotion, increase the purchase of the vast number of consumers

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